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About club66 professional...

club66 professional is wholly run by Total Training Support.  It exists to use modern technology to its full, to support apprentices and aircraft mechanics in the aircraft maintenance industry, in their efforts to pass the EASA Part-66 licence examinations.

Total Training Support also provide courses in all the EASA Part-66 modules, at an affordable price, and which anyone can attend.

We appreciate the difficulty individuals have in finding information, locating good reference books, and most importantly, knowing what to study.  Total Training Support provide the courses, the books, and the advice, and club66 professional provide thousands of EASA Part-66 style questions (with answers and references for further reading).

We use a network of trained instructors, professional in their own field, who research each question and provide, where possible, either a book reference, or a short explanation to help you understand the question and its associated answer.

We also share the expertise and the many hours spent by existing members, who answer the more difficult and obscure questions, and provide references and other sources of information where you can find answers yourself.

Although club66 professional is primarily aimed at the UK CAA exams, many non-UK people, as far away as Australia and China, have found our service most beneficial in helping them understand the subjects being examined under their own National Authority examinations.

Total Training Support and club66 professional are based in Bedford, United Kingdom.


Our office address is:

Total Training Support Ltd
4 Manor Cottages
Manor Drive
MK42 7AB
United Kingdom


You can email us at:

Please cut (ctrl-C) and paste (ctrl-V) the address into your email client "To" window, or use the contact link in header above.

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