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Company Sponsorship


We offer a choice of two schemes where a company or organization can sponsor an employee or client as a club66 professional:

  • A company Site Licence, or
  • A key account bulk purchase

These are a great way to support the efforts of your employees to further their qualifications, and which has a direct effect on the productivity and flexibility of your workforce.  It is also ideal for training organizations such as colleges, who deliver any kind of maintenance training programme, as it provides an additional source of information to the curriculum.

Company Site Licence

We are pleased to offer club66 professional on a company site licence basis.  For an annual subscription, the club66 professional membership is available on every computer within your organisation, and can be used by any number of employees at one time, 24 hours a day, within your company premises.  If you have Worldwide outstations, these are also be included under the same licence agreement subject to your network limitations.

All modules are available under the same subscription and the membership remains uninterrupted for 12 months.  All you need is an internal computer system, with internet access and a reasonably static IP address (please see your IT administrators for details).

The usual 3 choices are available as follows:

Three purchase options are available:

  1. Question Practice with Study Notes (includes Tutorial Support) - The "full monty". Allows you access to the associated Module's on-line Study Notes (content identical to the TTS Integrated Training System), Tutorial Support forums, plus a Subject Specialist is on-hand to answer your queries. Access to links from each question to good theory based websites as specially selected by our instructors, and you can practice questions online for 1, 2 or 3 months.
  2. Question Practice with Tutorial Support - Allows you access to the associated Module's Tutorial Support forums, plus a Subject Specialist is on-hand to answer your queries. Access to links from each question to good theory based websites as specially selected by our instructors, and you can practice questions on-line for 1, 2 or 3 months.
  3. Question Practice only - Allows you access only to the online question practice.  No feedback on technical queries is possible. No access to background subject information is possible.  Suitable only for those who want to learn questions and answers without necessarily understanding the subject

The annual site licence fee starts from just 2,495 (plus VAT if applicable).  This represents a remarkable cost benefit, since it is cheaper than a single person's membership for all modules over a 12 month period.  And for this we provide access to ALL of your employees, which may be numbered in 1000s.

If you are a small organization (less than 100 employees) please contact us to discuss reduced rates.

Key account bulk purchase

For companies who prefer a more individually targeted approach to personal development. Large discounts are available for purchases of quantity 10 or more key accounts (either silverkey or goldkey). Read about the the great benefits of key accounts here...

Is is entirely up to you which of your employees or clients use each of the key accounts, but the individuals will have to register and maintain their own membership account.

For the first 10 key account memberships:

silverkey:  £95 each  (£115 with Tutorial Support)
goldkey:  £165 each (£195 with Tutorial Support)

All prices exclude VAT where applicable. 

Each additional membership after the minimum quantity of 10, is the same price, less 10%.

Key benefits of key accounts:

  • Your employees or clients can use the membership at home, as well as at work.
  • Member's individual exam result logging and progress record.
  • As an additional free service, we also provide a monthly report to the sponsors, for each of the key account members, detailing exactly how much your sponsored employee or client is using their membership.

So where do we go from here?

If you are interested in obtaining a club66 professional site licence, or key account memberships, please contact us.  You can pay by credit card, or we can invoice you, whichever you prefer.  Either way, your employees or clients could be enjoying the benefits of club66 professional within the next 10 minutes.




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