silverkey & goldkey Accounts

As well as the standard monthly memberships, club66 professional offer two forms of Key Accounts. These give you a year-long membership, at greatly reduced prices, and a flexibility that will ease the flow of your studies immensely.

There are two forms of Key Accounts, known as silverkey and goldkey:

silverkey Account

  • Provides membership for any 1 module at any time for a period of 12 months.
  • The module can be changed at any time after two weeks from opening it has elapsed, and any one module can be accessed upon your instructions.
  • For example, you could access module 3 for two months, then module 4 for one month, before changing to module 5 etc.  There is no maximum to how long you can keep one module open within the 12-month period, or how many times you re-open a particular module (subject to the 2-week rule).  The only limitation is that you have only one module open at any time, and that module is not changed within a two week period.

goldkey Account

  • Provides membership for up to 2 modules at any time for a period of 12 months.
  • The modules can be changed individually at any time after two weeks from opening it has elapsed, and any two of modules can be accessed upon your instructions.
  • The goldkey account can be used exactly the same as the silverkey account, but you have the added flexibility of using 2 modules at a time, instead of just one.
  • This benefits some people who wish to fast-track themselves through their CAA exams by doing two exams in one sitting, or who are simply studying two modules at one time.

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Key Facts about Key Accounts

  • Once you sign-up to a key account, you need to visit the Members Home page (where you will find, at the top, a new keyaccount link, especially for you), and open your first module(s).  This does not need to be done immediately.
  • Once you sign-up to a key account, your 12-month period starts when you open your first module(s) (not from when you sign-up).  Once open, you can close, change and re-open modules whenever you wish (subject to the 2-week rule).
  • The first module(s) you open, will show on your account page as being active for 12-months, and so it will be until you again instruct us to change the module(s).
  • A module must be kept open for a minimum of 2 weeks before it can be changed.
  • A goldkey account allows you to have two modules open at any one time, but these are administered quite separately, so you can change one of the modules, but leave the other unchanged, or change them both together, as you wish. However, on commencement of your goldkey account starts for both modules when you open your first module(s) even if you initially decide to open just one of your available two modules.
  • Even though you have a key account, you can still purchase additional modules to run concurrently for a month in the conventional way, should you wish to study more modules at one time for a limited period. Simply visit the Order page and purchase any additional modules from the monthly tariff table and it will independently of your keyaccount.
  • The same 2-log-in location limitation applies to the key accounts as they do to the conventional accounts.  However, they apply on a module-by-module basis and is reset whenever a module is changed.  So there is nothing stopping you from teaming up with a friend or colleague and sharing a goldkey account, thus benefiting even more from the low price.
  • If you accumulate credits, by sending in new questions, or by answering/amending existing questions, you can use this credit to extend your key account when the 12 months has expired, or you can add additional modules to open alongside the key account, should you want to study two or three or more subjects at certain times in the year.