What is Tutorial Support?

You can choose to enroll as a member of the question practice only section, or for a nominal additional fee, you can get question practice with Tutorial Support as well.

When you click on "Order Modules" you will see the tariff for "Question Practice Only" by default

You can change this to "Question Practice with Tutorial Support" clicking on the button, and you will be shown another table of tariffs. These tariffs are the costs for the question practice WITH Tutorial Support.

The Tutorial Support option is an additional feature, which allows you to post any technical query you like (within the Module you are a member of). You can ask for an explanation of a particular problematic subject, or you can ask us about any particular question within the database, and about why we answered it the way we did.

You can ask any question you like, of one of our specialist instructors. About how we answered a particular question, for a lengthier explanation of a question or any aviation concept you are currently having difficulty get your head around. It always helps to get a personal and different explanation.

Your question will get posted on the Tutorial Support forum within the appropriate Module and sub-section, and so will the instructor's answer. No question is too "basic" and the most difficult questions we'll try and answer using downloadable Maintenance Manual descriptions etc. No question will go unanswered. In time, as the Tutorial Support forums fill up, you will probably find that you are not the first to have been confused by a particular question or concept, and you'll find that your query has already been answered. You can add to the queries previously posted, further interrogate an instructor's response, or simply add your own views, observations and experience anecdotes to the thread.